New 12 key Touch Pad breakout from Sparkfun

17 Feb 2011

Has anyone used this new 12 key I2C touchpad breakout from Sparkfun yet?


28 Feb 2011

Hi Jim,

I have - works like a treat.

Here's some code to get you started:

Have fun,


01 Mar 2011

Looks like it will be awhile till I can get one and try. They sold out a couple days after it came out and this week it was still on backorder only!

02 Mar 2011

They only seem to have a few down there in Australia. I will try to get one from there if the purchasing folks will do it.

P.S. You should put up a link to your demo code on the cookbook Wiki. See

14 Mar 2011

Sparkfun has them back in stock now in the US. Should have one in a few days.