Having some repo problems

06 Nov 2014

I've been trying to update some libraries that I am using in my project, and when I do so I get an strange error that says something like this:

(big red X here) [object Object]

And all I can do is click Close.

I wanted to learn how to branch my code, so I tried to publish first and instead got this error dialog:


Is there something going on with the online environment? At the time of the problem, I had betamode off. I only enabled it so that I could get access to this forum.

08 Nov 2014

Same issue here, both with and without beta mode, won't work.

09 Nov 2014

Most every library I have, whether the edits were recent or more than a year ago, seems to show this:


And if I try to publish it, I see the same thing as reported by Dave M.

09 Nov 2014

Same problem, not only the libraries, but also all programs, except those with 'uncommited changes'. Currently, i won't commit the changes as to avoid more problems.

10 Nov 2014

My mbedIDE encountered the same problem too. This problem has occurred in the project that was imported into a few days before. "Repository Error" message is shown in the Revision History.


This problem seems to be failed the "update" and "publish" command.

For publish program, bad solution is here.

  1. Fork the project with temporary name.
  2. Publish temporary project.
  3. In Revision tab, Change "Remote changes for..." to the original name.
  4. Commit project to the original project.
  5. Publish original project.
  6. Delete temporary forked project.

If you challenge, should be backup your project because mbed IDE may perform strange behavior.

10 Nov 2014

Hi All,

There was a problem related to name server changes which prevented repository access. This is now fixed.

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


10 Nov 2014


This is now fixed, apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting the issue.