Did something just happen to the Compiler Format Code Feature?

01 Dec 2013

" I normally use the Format Code button on the compiler page! This button today just started deleting my file content and it is somewhat hard to recover the content other then going back to a past revision commit. I am using this feature on Chrome browser the latest but have also now tested with Firefox the latest and both do this! This feature was working yesterday so i was just wondering if this is a know thing because i do not see others mentioning it! I would like to know if others are having this issue or is it something about my system that has just happened? "

The above is a copy of the question that i started a day or so ago. Seems that this is also confirmed by Erik Olieman. I guess i should have posted here but at least i am now! Erik Olieman has said on the question that he has confirmed this issue both on Beta and regular mode. Basically after you press the format code button and then click on the code anywhere the code just disappears and is not recoverable by any means that i could figure out other then reverting to a last commit!


http://mbed.org/questions/2165/Did-something-just-happen-to-the-Compile/ link to the question i posted!

01 Dec 2013


I can confirm this bahaviour - just encountered it myself. I tried both, betamode and, after facing this, in normal mode. It doesn't matter which mode is enabled (for sure I reloaded the compiler).

If one clicks the format button, nothing is changed on the code in the active window, but the scrollbar gets inactive. If the text area is clicked afterwards, only one line of code is left. No chance to use "undo". I reloaded the page, and the former state was still valid... I think it's a good advice not to hit the "save" button in such cases...


01 Dec 2013

Mihail Stoyanov Has responded with a fix to this issue and now the Format Code button works on my end hope everybody else has same results! Thanks Mbed team!