Website Suggestion - Bookmark/favorite Notebook pages

24 Jan 2010

I can see how a lot of the public notebook pages contain a great amount of useful information. It would be nice to have a way to keep those pages from other users accessable and easy to find from within the MBED site by having a bookmark or favorite option and not having to keep a ton of browser bookmarks.



25 Jan 2010

Hi Aaron,

Yep, this sort of thing is in the roadmap to be added pretty soon.

Adding a page as a favourite (or 'starring' a page) can give you two things - you can have a list of pages you have favourited for your own reference, plus we can use that as a way of working out the value or 'score' of a page.

Any other suggestions like this are very welcome.




16 Feb 2011


Still not possible to bookmark page ?

16 Feb 2011

Hi Didier,

Yep, you can now do this. On any handbook, cookbook, notebook or program/library pages you should see a grey star:


Click that, and it should turn yellow, and will then be featured under your "My Bookmarks" tab within your profile:


Hope that is what you were after!


17 Feb 2011

This is really a nice feature. Thanks for setting it up.

Simon Ford wrote:

Hope that is what you were after!

Well, there is just one thing...

May we have a "delete bookmark" function?

(I really don't want all the entries that came from previously-bookmarked libraries in the compiler. They were automatically imported into "My Bookmarks", but I'd like to remove them.)

30 Nov 2011

Hi, I have a few bookmarks made via the method listed in this posting shows. I noticed today that i can review my bookmarks and use them to get to the bookmarked pages but i can not make anymore bookmarks! I have check notes, forums, blogs and it would seem that the star for selecting the post as a bookmark is not present anymore anywhere i look. Has this feature been removed or modified and possibly broken? Or is it my end some how? I am using Chrome and Firefox! Has anybody else noticed this?

02 Dec 2011

Hi again! Well not sure what to say but the bookmark star has returned to pages! This is now working for all browsers i try. So what happened between my last post several days ago and now i have no idea!