Status on Mbed Studio Alpha?

01 Aug 2018

It was way back in March I signed up for Alpha testing of Mbed Studio but, since then, I've heard absolutely nothing to indicate when (or even if) this project is still in development.

Is there any chance we can be given an update?

13 Aug 2018

Hi Simon,

Apologies for the late reply, and thanks for your interest in this. We have been testing with a selection of people who registered to be part of the closed alpha, and kept the initial group fairly small so that it would be manageable by our team. Sorry that this has been opaque from the outside - we'll be making our progress much more visible soon.

In the mean time, if you're happy to be contacted by our UX team to carry out some testing, I'll ask that they get in touch?

Thanks, Joe

19 Aug 2018

Hi, i'm also very interested to have a date for the release of mbed studio ! In fact, i will be very interested to test the alpha version. In my company for a new product development we are looking to use mbed os to replace the standard stack of ST. Let me know if it's possible to test your alpha version please.



17 Jan 2019


Any update??

15 Feb 2019

I found this - there is a link although probably too late to sign up for the alpha program.

24 Feb 2019

Hi kamil, all,

Look out for some news next week ;)


27 Feb 2019

In case anyone misses the blog post...

27 Feb 2019


Good news for today :)

But how about ST-Nucleo-F401RE support? One of the most popular boards....

Thanks :))