Image uploads failing with HTTP error

25 Nov 2011

I'm suddenly getting HTTP errors when I try to upload new images for notebook pages. This happens with jpg and png files. I've deleted a couple of old files in case there was a library size limit but this has made no difference.

25 Nov 2011

Hi Romilly,

This is a quirk of the current beta site setup. Assuming you are logged in and have beta mode enabled, if you log out and log back in, all should be fine. Oh, and turn round three times and clap. These runes will be short lived...

Thanks, Simon

25 Nov 2011

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the (usual) fast response.

I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu, and logging out/in seems to leave me in beta mode. Once I click on exit beta mode, all is well. Of course, I also put on a green sweater.

Regards, Romilly

07 Aug 2012

I exited beta mode and it didn't fix it. I also tried logging out and logging back in. I tried it in Chrome, IE, and Firefox.