NXP offers free emWin graphics on ARM MCUs

27 Sep 2011


The EE Times has reported the following:

"NXP Semiconductors NV has said it will provide the emWin graphic software library and graphical user interface (GUI) for free with its ARM-based microcontrollers. The emWin library has been developed by Segger Microelectronics GmbH (Hilden, Germany), a provider of hardware and software development tools and embedded software."

There is more here http://www.eetimes.com/electronics-news/4228307/NXP-emWin-graphics-ARM-MCUs?cid=NL_EETimesDaily

Hopefully we will see this implemented in the mbed platform.


13 Apr 2012

This is the NXP press release: http://www.nxp.com/news/press-releases/2011/09/NXP-to-Offer-emWin-Graphic-Library-Free-with-ARM-Microcontrollers.html

There are precompiled libraries for Keil, IAR and LPCXpresso at http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/emwin-graphics-library. I would like to use the emWin library in the mbed Compiler, too.

01 Apr 2013

I modified the NXP emWin MCB1700 code sample for a LPC1768 board. Currently uVision 4 is needed to compile. The next step is porting the project to the mbed environment. More info at http://mbed.org/users/frankvnk/notebook/lpc1768-mini-dk---nxp-segger-emwin/