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Arm, its Partners and the Arm Mbed developer community work together to develop the Mbed OS project. This thriving ecosystem means that Mbed OS includes drivers for a lot of different hardware, so you can concentrate on clean and portable application code.

Broadly speaking, the hardware you can see on our site is of three types:

  • Modules: include a microcontroller, IoT centric connectivity and required onboard memory. They are ideal for designing IoT products, from prototyping to mass production. Mbed Enabled Modules have full support for Mbed OS with all available connectivity drivers.
  • Boards: development boards are an inexpensive way to start developing with Mbed OS and other components.
  • Components: the Component Database hosts reusable libraries for different hardware, middleware and IoT services that you can use with Arm Microcontrollers. These components can be used as building blocks for quickly developing prototypes and products.
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