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_mbed_error_ctx Struct Reference

mbed_error_ctx struct More...

#include <mbed_error.h>

Detailed Description

mbed_error_ctx struct

This struct captures the context information at the time of error.
It primarily contains information about the thread where the error originated,
filename/line number of the source file where the error occurred, a context specific error value(error_value)
and the address where the error originated.

Below are the members of mbed_error_ctx struct
error_status mbed_error_status_t value for this error
error_function_address Address where the error occurred
thread_id ID of the thread which generated the error
thread_entry_address Entry function of the thread which generated the error
thread_stack_size Stack Size of the thread which generated the error
thread_stack_mem Stack Top of the thread which generated the error
thread_current_sp Current Stack Pointer of the thread which generated the error
error_value A context/error specific value associated with this error
error_filename Filename where the error originated
error_line_number Line number in error_filename where the error originated

Definition at line 834 of file mbed_error.h.

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