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void PalBbInit (void)
 Initialize the baseband driver. More...
void PalBbEnable (void)
 Enable the BB hardware. More...
void PalBbDisable (void)
 Disable the BB hardware. More...
void PalBbLoadCfg (PalBbCfg_t *pCfg)
 Load BB timing configuration. More...

Detailed Description

This section contains driver routines which initialize as well as enable the sleep mode of the BB hardware.

Function Documentation

void PalBbDisable ( void  )

Disable the BB hardware.

This routine signals the BB hardware to go into low power (disable power and clocks) after all BB operations have been disabled.

void PalBbEnable ( void  )

Enable the BB hardware.

This routine brings the BB hardware out of low power (enable power and clocks) just before a first BB operation is executed.

void PalBbInit ( void  )

Initialize the baseband driver.

One-time initialization of baseband resources. This routine can be used to setup baseband resources, load RF trim parameters and execute RF calibrations and seed the random number generator.

This routine should block until the BB hardware is completely initialized.

void PalBbLoadCfg ( PalBbCfg_t pCfg)

Load BB timing configuration.

pCfgReturn configuration values.
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