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uint32_t PalBbGetCurrentTime (void)
 Get the current BB clock value in microseconds. More...
uint8_t PalBbGetTimestamp (uint32_t *pTime)
 Get the current FRC time. More...
void PalBbRegisterProtIrq (uint8_t protId, bbDrvIrqCback_t timerCback, bbDrvIrqCback_t radioCback)
 Called to register a protocol's Radio and Timer IRQ callback functions. More...
void PalBbSetProtId (uint8_t protId)
 Set protocol ID. More...

Detailed Description

This section contains driver routines related to the BB clock.

Function Documentation

uint32_t PalBbGetCurrentTime ( void  )

Get the current BB clock value in microseconds.

Current BB clock value, units are microseconds.

This routine reads the current value from the BB clock and returns its value.

uint8_t PalBbGetTimestamp ( uint32_t *  pTime)

Get the current FRC time.

pTimePointer to return the current time.
TRUE if time is valid, FALSE otherwise.

Get the current FRC time.

FRC is limited to the same bit-width as the BB clock. Return value is available only when the BB is active.
void PalBbRegisterProtIrq ( uint8_t  protId,
bbDrvIrqCback_t  timerCback,
bbDrvIrqCback_t  radioCback 

Called to register a protocol's Radio and Timer IRQ callback functions.

protIdProtocol ID.
timerCbackTimer IRQ callback.
radioCbackTimer IRQ callback.
void PalBbSetProtId ( uint8_t  protId)

Set protocol ID.

protIdProtocol ID.
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