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mqtt_opts.h File Reference

MQTT client options. More...

#include "lwip/opt.h"

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 Output ring-buffer size, must be able to fit largest outgoing publish message topic+payloads. More...
 Number of bytes in receive buffer, must be at least the size of the longest incoming topic + 8 If one wants to avoid fragmented incoming publish, set length to max incoming topic length + max payload length + 8. More...
 Maximum number of pending subscribe, unsubscribe and publish requests to server . More...
 Seconds between each cyclic timer call. More...
#define MQTT_REQ_TIMEOUT   30
 Publish, subscribe and unsubscribe request timeout in seconds. More...
 Seconds for MQTT connect response timeout after sending connect request. More...

Detailed Description

MQTT client options.

Definition in file mqtt_opts.h.

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