Optical Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitor Sensor IC MAX30101

The MAX30101 is integrated pulse-oximetry and heart-rate monitor integrated circuit (IC) with ambient light rejection technology. The MAX30101 chip has integrated photodetector and LEDs for raw data collection and monitoring in finger-based applications.


MAX30101 does not include Heart Rate algorithm. Visit MAXREFDES103, MAXREFDES220 for Maxim supplied Heart Rate, SpO2 algorithm and hardware.

Sample Program for MAX30101 1.8V I2C bus hosted on MAX32630FTHR (Mbed Hello World)

Import programMAX30101_Heart_Rate_Sp02_SENSOR_Hello_World

Example host software for the Maxim Integrated MAX30101 high sensitivity Heart Rate Monitor chip. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR FeatherWing micro-controller board.

Firmware/Software Driver Library C++ Source Code for MAX30101 Heart Rate, SpO2 raw data

Import libraryMAX30101_Finger_Heart_Rate_SpO2_Monitor_Driver_Source_Code

Driver, C++ source code, and library for the MAX30101 heart rate sensor chip. The MAX30101 IC includes integrated LEDs and photodetectors for the collection of raw data for Heart Rate/Pulse Rate monitoring and for SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) levels.

Another Implementation for MAX30101 Heart Rate, SpO2 raw data firmware driver library

Import libraryMAX30101

Library for MAX30101 SpO2 and heart rate sensor

Pinouts : MAX30101


System Diagram for Heart Rate Monitor


Datasheet for MAX30101 Heart Rate chip

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