Hotboards RTCC

RTCC board wich has the Microchip MCP79410 real time clock with I2C interface

Hello World

Import programHotboards_rtcc_manual_timedate

This sketch set and arbitrary time and date, and then send through serial port every five seconds


Import libraryHotboards_rtcc

library to control, set and read time and date from Hotboards rtcc board, wich contains the Microchip MCP7941x real time clock



You can buy this board at

Also check its tutorial at Hotboards blog (only in spanish):

More examples

Import programHotboards_rtcc_timeSpan

This sketch demonstrates how add and substract time values using the time span objects

Import programHotboards_rtcc_alarm

This sketch set an single alarm that will be active after one minute.

Import programHotboards_rtcc_compiler_timedate

This sketch set time and date using compiler macros, and then send through serial port every five seconds

Import programHotboards_rtcc_alarm_repeat

This sketch shows how to repeat an alarm every minute

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