Plays MJPEG Video using the RGA. THe RGA allows resize of the JPEG file.

Dependencies:   GR-PEACH_video GraphicsFramework LCD_shield_config R_BSP SDBlockDevice_GR_PEACH TLV320_RBSP USBHost_custom

Fork of RGA_HelloWorld by Renesas


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. MJPEG Creation


This demo shows how play a MJPEG and WAV file video using the RZA1 hardware RGA, JCU and SSIF. The JCU decodes each MJPEG frame. The SSIF plays the raw WAV file, and the RGA supplies the GUI and resize of the JPEG image.

MJPEG Creation


Python Script

SD Card

  • Rename the jpg file to Renesas.jpg and audio file Renesas.wav
  • Download this image file and rename is Background.jpg /media/uploads/zkimike/background.jpg

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