Rapid prototyping with NFC

We make an effort to bring NFC technology to you. For Arduino, we provide PN532 library to read/write nfc tags, emulate NFC type 4 tags and communicate with android 4.0+. Now, the NFC library is ready for mbed platform. Here is a hardware list and programs for you to get started.


  • NFC Shield
  • Mifare Classic tag
  • Seeeduino Arch or Arch Pro
  • Android powered with NFC


  • Read a NFC tag

Repository: PN532_read_tag

  • Write a NFC tag

Repository: PN532_write_tag

  • Communicate with Android

Repository: PN532_P2P


This library is ported from https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/PN532.

Import libraryPN532

PN532 NFC library for Seeed Studio's NFC Shield

2 comments on Rapid prototyping with NFC :

15 Nov 2013
24 Mar 2015

Can this library read Uid of ISO14443A card??. I need a example please.

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