Debug Seeeduino Arch Using CMSIS DAP


Seeeduino Arch is an mbed enabled development board which combines the advantages of mbed and Arduino.

As Seeeduino Arch don't have the mbed interface, A debug adapter is needed to debug Seeeduino Arch throught SWD. Interestingly, we can use a Seeeduino Arch as a debug adapter to debug another one.


How to

1. Download firmware

Download the firmware of the debug adapter from

2. Update firmware

Connect a Seeeduino Arch with PC through USB and long press the button of the debug adapter. An USB disk named “CRP DISABLD” will appear. Delete the firmware.bin of the disk and copy the downloaded bin file into the disk. Quick press the button to run new firmware. This Seeeduino Arch will become a debug adapter.

3. Connect the debug adapter with a Seeeduino Arch

debug adapterSeeeduino Arch
P1_23P0_0 / nRESET

4. Export program from online to local

Export your online program to local using Keil uVision4 toolchain.


5. Debug Seeeduino Arch using Keil uVision4

Open the download program with Keil uVistion4 and start to debug.

2 comments on Debug Seeeduino Arch Using CMSIS DAP:

31 Mar 2014

Hi Yihui,

great work!! it is very nice to be able to debug LPC11u24 through CMSIS-DAP

but there is a small mistake in your documentation, the correct connection (as in DAP_Config.h) should be:

Adapter PIO1_21 - > Target P0_15/SWDIO

Adapter PIO1_23 -> Target P0_0/nRESET


01 Apr 2014

Hi Atar,

Thanks, updated : )


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