MQTT and MQTTS with wolfSSL TSL library

Dependencies:   FP MQTTPacket

Dependents:   YoPlegma

Fork of MQTT by MQTT

MQTT is light weight publish/subscribe based messaging protocol for M2M, IoT. This library was forked from MQTT for adding MQTTS security layer on the protocol. TLS(SSL) part of the library is by wolfSSL.

"connect" method was extended for TLS. Rest of API's stay compatible with MQTT.

connect methode

 int connect(char* hostname, int port,  const char *certName = NULL, int timeout=1000)

The 3rd argument certName can be following values.

  • NULL: connecting with MQTT
  • pointer to certificate file: connecting with MQTTS. PEM or DER for server verification.
  • pointer to NULL string: connecting with MQTTS without server verification. This option is for prototyping only, not recommended in security perspective.