Initial version, CyaSSL Twilio example

Dependencies:   HTTPClient EthernetInterface mbed-rtos mbed

This simple Twilio example works with HTTPS based Twilio API from mbed, makes a call to your phone and talks text speech message.

For using this example:

- Prepare mbed with Ethernet connection.

- Go to, and sign up.

- Copy Twilio Sid, Token, phone number and TwiML URL in twilio.cpp.

static char twilio_AccountSid[] = "TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID" ;
static char twilio_AuthToken[]  = "AUTH_TOKEN" ;
static const char twilio_From[] = "PHONE_NUMBER_FROM" ;
static const char twilio_To[] = "PHONE_NUMBER_TO" ;
static const char twilio_Url[]  = "" ;

- The demo makes a call from Twilio to your phone. Set the phone numbers onto twilio_From and twilio_To.

- Set up a TwiML web page defining Twilio action, set the url to twilio_Url.

TwiML first step example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<Say language="ja-JP">もしもし。聞こえますか?こちらツイリオです</Say>

- Build, download it to mbed, and you will get a call on your phone.

Have fun!

For FRDM-k64f: