Twilio phone calls by Dropbox phone book

Dependencies:   EthernetInterface HTTPClient mbed-rtos mbed

This simple Twilio example works with HTTPS based Twilio API from mbed, makes phone calls and talks text speech message by referring phone book file in Dropbox.

For using this example:

- Prepare mbed with Ethernet connection.

- Go to, and sign up.

- Copy Twilio Sid, Token, phone number and TwiML URL in twilio.cpp.

static char twilio_AccountSid[] = "TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID" ;
static char twilio_AuthToken[]  = "AUTH_TOKEN" ;
static const char twilio_From[] = "PHONE_NUMBER_FROM" ;
static const char twilio_Url[]  = "" ;

- Copy Dropbox file link URL to dropbox.cpp.

static char Dropbox_URL[] = "" ;

- The demo makes a call from Twilio to the phone numbers listed on the Dropbox phone book. Phone book is list of the number CSV file.

- Set up a TwiML web page defining Twilio action, set the url to twilio_Url.

TwiML first step example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<Say language="ja-JP">もしもし。聞こえますか?こちらツイリオです</Say>

- Build, download it to mbed, and you will get a call on your phone.

Have fun!

For FRDM-k64f: