Energy Meter Data logging kit for Ngee Ann Polytechnic Solar Technology Center



The Energy Meter Data Logging kit is a data recording and storage device that periodically data log the energy generation and consumption from the two Integra 1630 digital energy meter in Ngee Ann Polytechnic Solar Technology Center. The first energy meter measures the electrical parameters of the Solar PV array from the center. The second energy meter measures electrical parameters of building.

Communicating with the energy meter is achieved using the NXP LPC1768 mbed microcontroller via a RS485 level shifter and MODBUS protocol. Data of various electrical parameters are recorded into an external memory drive. The Energy Meter’s status will be updated onto a large LED display panel via RS232 level shifter and its proprietary protocol. Valuable data like daily consumption, etc are regularly backup into the external memory drive in case of an power failure to prevent data losses.

Component Layout & Block Diagram:



  • NXP LPC1768 mbed Micro controller - MODBUS communication, data conversion, data logging and displaying of electrical parameter
  • RTC backup capacitor - Backup battery for RTC
  • 5V DC input power jack - System is powered up by a 5V input
  • RS485 - Allow data exchanges between the digital energy meter and microcontroller
  • RS232 - Allow data exchanges between the large LED display and microcontroller
  • USB Flash drive - Provide external storage memory for data logging
  • Ethernet - Allow data exchange between local area networks and microcontroller

Schematic Diagram:


Program Flow Chart:


Additional Notes

All components are provided by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This is my second projects using the mbed microcontroller. I completed this project alone in 4 months after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Clean Energy Management course. Understanding of MODBUS Protocol is required.


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23 Jul 2013

Good work!

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