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Helper functions for filesystem operations in the mbed-os

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Pathutil library

Helper library for mbed-os to manipulate file system paths.

It has helper functions over standard ones to simplify paths, files and directory manipulation.

Available functions:

  • rmtree - remove directory recursively
  • makedirs - create directory and it’s parent
  • isdir - check if path is directory
  • isfile - check if path is regular file
  • exists - check if path exists
  • getsize - get size of the file/directory
  • isabs - check if path is absolute
  • join_paths - concatenate two paths
  • append_path - append one path to another
  • normpath - normalize path
  • write_data - write data to file from buffer
  • read_data - read data from file to buffer


The library has greentee test. So you can
be run on a MCU, using mbed-cli. Steps to run tests:

  • create an empty project mbed for your board/MCU
  • add this library to your project: mbed add <library_url>
  • run tests: mbed test --greentea --tests-by-name "pathutil-*"