Generic SmartRest library

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Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SmartRest


Aggregator An aggregator of data generators
CharValue A basic character value
ComposedRecord This value set collects values and serializes them
FloatValue A floating-point value
ParsedRecord This value set collects values and serializes them
Record A record which can be read and serialized
SmartRest SmartRest Arduino client implementation
Value A generic value offering means to obtain the value type and contents as well as writing the value to a sink


AbstractClient.h [code] An abstraction layer for the SmartREST http client
AbstractDataSink.h [code] An abstraction for a data sink which can be used to send data over a connection
AbstractDataSource.h [code]
Aggregator.cpp [code]
Aggregator.h [code]
CharValue.cpp [code]
CharValue.h [code]
ComposedRecord.cpp [code]
ComposedRecord.h [code]
DataGenerator.h [code]
FloatValue.cpp [code]
FloatValue.h [code]
IntegerValue.cpp [code]
IntegerValue.h [code]
NullValue.cpp [code]
NullValue.h [code]
ParsedRecord.cpp [code]
ParsedRecord.h [code]
ParsedValue.cpp [code]
ParsedValue.h [code]
Parser.cpp [code]
Parser.h [code] A CSV parser utilizing an AbstractDataSource instance for reading from a connection
Record.cpp [code]
Record.h [code]
SmartRest.cpp [code]
SmartRest.h [code] The main SmartRest facade class
StaticData.cpp [code]
StaticData.h [code]
Value.h [code] Represents a generic data value