Library to work with the LDC1000 from Texas Instruments

Dependencies:   FastPWM

Dependents:   LDC1000_test


Table of Contents

  1. LDC1000
  2. Clock
  3. Unsupported


This library was written to interface to Texas Instruments' LDC1000 in order to perform inductance measurement. This libary needs a SPI peripheral on your mbed device to talk to the LDC1000.


The LDC1000 needs a high speed clock for its internal frequency counter. In order to provide this clock, the FastPWM library is used. This may change the behaviour of other PWM channels, please be aware of that, and read the FastPWM documentation to understand the implications.


Not supported (yet):

  1. Setting the RpMAX and RpMIN values
  2. Setting the interrupt pin functionality

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