u-blox C027 Downloading

Getting started

  1. Introduction
  2. Downloading a Program
  3. Creating a Program
  4. Communicating with your mbed

The following instructions demonstrate how to download the first program to your u-blox-C027, and start it running.


1. Save a program binary (.bin) to the u-blox-C027

Download the appropriate "Hello World!" binary:

Import programC027_HelloWorld

C027 Example: blinking LED

Note: the source code for this program can be seen in the next section, Creating a program

Save the program binary file to the u-blox-C027 Disk, just like you would with a normal USB disk. The Status LED will flash as the PC writes the file to the Microcontroller disk.


2. Press the Reset Button

When the Reset Button in pressed, your program will start running.

3. Hello World!

This simple program will flash the led LED1.

Where Next

We could link to :

However, there is little that can be done withthis board without having a lot of complex IP loaded, and so this should maybe me a link to pages that talk abotu antennasm sim card, and then link to programs that enable you to get started with network operations.


Make sure you save the file to the u-blox-C027!

  • If the Status LED did not flash when saving, you probably saved it elsewhere!
  • Some browsers default to saving files to your "Desktop", so this should be changed; see Choose-where-to-save-files-FAQ
  • Some Linux or old Mac PCs don't write data until you "Eject" the drive; see Mounting-with-sync

Don't try and "Open" or "Run" the program files. Always "Save" them to the Microcontroller.

  • Some applications (e.g. VLC Media Player) recognise the .bin extension; ignore them!

Make sure you set it running!

  • Remember to reset the u-blox-C027 to start it running after you download a new program
  • If the binary downloads to the micro, but nothing happens, make sure you chose the correct board binary

When you unplug the Microcontroller, you may get a "Device Removal" error message; don't worry!

  • You can ignore this, but you can also use "Eject" (Mac) or "Safely Remove Hardware" (Windows) to avoid this if you want

If you have any problems, or think this tutorial could be improved, please tell us in the Forum!

9 comments on u-blox C027 Downloading:

19 Dec 2013

Minor comment: The above link to Mounting-with-sync does not work.

13 Feb 2014

Hi Ublox,

quick question on running the simple flash LED light demo on the C027.

Does the board require an external 7v-17v DC power supply? Or can it run from power on the USB connection?

Kind regards, Nicholas.

Ignore this question - I just found a question answered asking the same thing on this forum:


Maybe join the forums!!! ;-)

Kind regards, Nicholas.

17 Feb 2014

The first link to "Create your own program" does not work.

The link to "Chose Where To Sink Files" also does not work.

Kind regards, Nicholas.

20 Mar 2014

The link to "Creating a Program" is: http://mbed.org/handbook/Choose-where-to-save-files-FAQ

08 Jul 2015


How to import a locked project?

04 Sep 2015

I just got the u-blox c027-u20, and I tried to install the hello-world binary. I compiled it successfully with mbed compiler, pulling it on the mbed device. A fail.txt with SWD ERROR is created. Unfortunately there is no docu what this means.

Please help.

08 Sep 2015

I figured it out, it needs a 12V Power supply. Unfortunately Docu doesn't state that a power supply is necessary for installing software. Blinking test works like a charm.

20 Jan 2017

I have just ordered U-Blox C-027 cellular module starter kit. I am working on IoT project I have to port mbed OS over it and communicate with a mobile device to send and receive messages. I was looking over internet there is one SMS module available there but that is locked.

It would be really helpful and quick to start if you provide SMS sender sample code that can send and received SMS to any mobile device.

21 Feb 2017

C027 has 32MB of RAM which is less for embed client i am facing problems because of that.

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