Dependencies of Pubnub_ATT_IoT_SK_WNC_sync

A dependency is a program or library which this program uses. When you import this program, the dependencies are automatically imported.

This is the Pubnub library for MBed2 ("classic") with the "sync" interface. It is based on the Pubnub C-core library.
The WDCInterface is is a drop-in replacement for an EthernetInterface class that allows the user to connect to the Internet with a Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) M14A2A Series data module … network, WNC
Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard. cmsis, rtos, RTX
The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.