Set specific IP Address/Port


This code could be access via Cat.M1(BG96 module) of SK telecom network in Korea. Need a WIZnet IoT Shield BG96 board and development board. The code forked Daniel_Lee's mbed-os-example-cellular-BG96 repository( and added some features.

This example is known to work great on the following platforms:



  1. FRDM-K64F or FRDM-K66F
  2. WIZnet IoT Shield BG96 board
  3. USIM card

Example functionality

This example showcases the following device functionality:

1. Import into Compiler


2. Compile and Program


3. If successfully connect to cellular networks(SKTelecom) then you can get below message

Device's Result

include the mbed library with this snippet


Built: Sep  6 2019, 07:06:26

[MAIN], plmn: NULL
Establishing connection
M2Mnet(BG96) Power ON
[00005500ms][INFO][CELL]: New CellularContext  (20004120)
[00005500ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext plmn NULL
[00005501ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext connect
[00006502ms][INFO][CELL]: Start connecting (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006511ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006519ms][INFO][CELL]: Modem ready
[00006523ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006523ms][INFO][CELL]: Setup SIM (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006528ms][INFO][CELL]: SIM is ready
[00006555ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006563ms][INFO][CELL]: Network registration (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006567ms][INFO][CELL]: Continue after 1 seconds
[00006688ms][ERR ][CELL]: AT overflow
[00007572ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00007578ms][INFO][CELL]: Registering network => Attaching network
[00007582ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00007582ms][INFO][CELL]: Attaching network (timeout 1000 ms)
[00007606ms][INFO][CELL]: Found PDP context 2
[00007609ms][INFO][CELL]: Activate PDP context 2
[00009626ms][INFO][CELL]: Found PDP context 2

Connection Established.
[00009635ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 open
[00009741ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 sent 4 bytes to port 7878
TCP: Sent 4 Bytes to
[00010873ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 recv 4 bytes
[00011421ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 closed
Received from server 4 Bytes
[00011421ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext disconnect()
[00011422ms][INFO][CELL]: cb: CellularContext disconnected

Success. Exiting 

Server Result