Paul Staron

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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DCF77 clock using the HY-1.8 LCD display. Sets KL25Z RTC clock and will continue to run with no DCF signal. Import the libraries to work on FRDM-KL25Z board, sends 8 …

    dcf77, HY-1.8, ST7735
    Last updated: 26 Mar 2013 3 88
  • Mbed OS

    Firebase example. demonstrating PUT, POST and GET functions. Requires target MCU with at least 280kB Flash/33kB RAM. Tested on STM32F767 and STM32F446 boards using ETHERNET (STM32F767) and ESP8266 WIFI. Edit …

    Last updated: 08 Mar 2020 2 53
  • HY-1_8TFT_ST7735

    Chinese module HY-1.8 SPI TFT lcd Display library.

    HY-1.8, ST7735
    Last updated: 11 Oct 2015 3 45
  • ERC1602-4-i2c

    ERC1602-4 i2c Text LCD library for East Rising COG display in i2c mode using the ST7032i controller IC.

    Last updated: 04 May 2014 1 45
  • Mbed OS

    TCP, NTP and server Ethernet and WI-FI example working on OS5.15

    Last updated: 13 Jun 2020 6 44
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DCF77 Atomic clock using Nokia 6610 colour LCD display. This will continue to run with no signal and shows a graphic bit map display demonstrating the time build. Does not …

    atomic, clock, dcf77
    Last updated: 19 Mar 2013 3 41
  • RDA5807M-FM-Radio

    RDA5807M FM RDS radio program using 4DSystems 32028 Oled touch screen display. Search and direct frequency selection, RDS text, 10 preset memories

    Radio, RDA5807M, RDS
    Last updated: 11 Jun 2015 5 34
  • BME280

    OS6. i2s BME280 library, also works with BMP280 without Humidity. See BME280.h for example code.

    Last updated: 02 Jan 2021 1 31
  • NTPclient

    OS5.15 complaint NTP library

    Last updated: 01 Jun 2020 2 29
  • Firebase-https

    Library for Firebase, PUT, PATCH, POST, GET, DELETE operations supported, (others are available, todo). Based on Mbed's https-example. Tested on STM32F767 using ETHERNET and ESP8266 WIFI interfaces and STM32F446 using …

    Last updated: 10 May 2020 4 28