Dependents of 4DGL-uLCD-SE

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

actual thing accelerator
internet clock via ethernet cable
wave_player library problems
serial transfer from desktop
Repo_test uLCD
uLCD_test uLCD
Repo_test uLCD
Assignment 5 for OCE360, timers, tickers, and interrupts.
Part 1 should work correctly if all of part 2 and sd card junk is commented out. Attempted to update the libraries multiple times but could not get code to …
Updated OCE 360 Assignment 4
assignment 6 360- part 1 is complete-freeze balls on lcd screen with a hardware interrupt/button
Worked at 10am 2/28
Breathalyzer running on the MBED 1768 Platform; EE4427 Group 3 Spring 2018
Distance Sensor working without LCD LPC1768
This is a circuit to measure the temperature in the vehicle from two temperature sensors.
Geolocation through Ethernet
First Final Version, Will probably need revision with regards to LCD and maybe the clock
Fully integrated working system
Car safety monitoring system, monitoring distance, light and temperature.