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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
api_msgThis struct contains a function to execute in another thread context and a struct api_msg_msg that serves as an argument for this function
api_msg_msgThis struct includes everything that is necessary to execute a function for a netconn in another thread context (mainly used to process netconns in the tcpip_thread context to be thread safe)
dhcp_msgMinimum set of fields of any DHCP message
dns_api_msgAs do_gethostbyname requires more arguments but doesn't require a netconn, it has its own struct (to avoid struct api_msg getting bigger than necessary)
DNSRequestThis is a simple DNS Request class
EthernetNetIfEthernet network interface
HostHost information container
HTTPClientA simple HTTP Client
HTTPFileHTTP Client data container for files
HTTPMapHTTP Client data container for key/value pairs
HTTPRequestHandlerHTTP Server's generic request handler
HTTPServerA simple HTTP server implementation
HTTPStreamHTTP Client Streaming tool
HTTPTextHTTP Client data container for text
igmp_groupIgmp group structure - there is a list of groups for each interface these should really be linked from the interface, but if we keep them separate we will not affect the lwip original code too much
IpAddrIP Address container
local_hostlist_entryStruct used for local host-list
memp_malloc_helperThis structure is used to save the pool one element came from
mib_array_nodeDerived node, points to a fixed size const array of sub-identifiers plus a 'child' pointer
mib_external_nodeDerived node, has access functions for mib object in external memory or device using 'tree_level' and 'idx', with a range 0
mib_list_rootnodeDerived node, points to a doubly linked list of sub-identifiers plus a 'child' pointer
mib_nodeNode "base class" layout, the mandatory fields for a node
mib_ram_array_nodeDerived node, points to a fixed size mem_malloced array of sub-identifiers plus a 'child' pointer
netconnA netconn descriptor
NetServiceNet Service base class
obj_defObject definition returned by (get_object_def)()
pbuf_custom_refA custom pbuf that holds a reference to another pbuf, which is freed when this custom pbuf is freed
snmp_obj_idInternal object identifier representation
snmp_resp_header_lengthsOutput response message header length fields
snmp_trap_header_lengthsOutput response message header length fields
TCPSocketThis is a simple TCP Socket class
UDPSocketThis is a simple UDP Socket class