Test of MQTT client running on an Outrageous Circuit mBuino with an ENC28J60 ethernet adapter. Derived from Zoltan Hudak's MQTT_Hello_ENC28J60 program as well as his MQTTClient and UIPEthernet libraries.

Dependencies:   MQTTClient UIPEthernet mbed

This program is a quick test of the Outrageous Circuits mBuino using an ENC28J60 Ethernet chip. This is modified from Zoltan Hudak's MQTT_Hello_ENC28J60 program. https://developer.mbed.org/users/hudakz/code/MQTT_Hello_ENC28J60/

UIPEthernet and MQTTClient are from Zoltan Hudak as well.

This program connects to an MQTT broker. Subscribes to two topics and publishes to one of those topics every 5 seconds. The payload for the published topic are the elapsed milliseconds from a free running timer. The round trip time is calculated for the published topic to be received.

It uses 27.8kB of 32kB of the LPC11U24's flash so there is not much left but it works. Debugging was done using the UART pins.

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