StarBoard Orange : "Expandability of StarBoard"


日本語版はこちら : ☆ボードオレンジ:「拡張性を見てみましょう!」


StarBoard Orange does not need any other devices for general usage. But the board has great expandability.

In this document, Let's show you the expandability of StarBoard Orange.

Basic features of StarBoard Orange

Basic features of StarBoard are as follow:

  • microSD card
  • USB (host side)
  • LAN (RJ-45)
  • LCD

Expandability of StarBoard Orange

External circuits can be added to StarBoard Orange if you want.

We will explain about the expandability of StarBoard Orange simply.

User space

There is a user space under LCD.

The area of user space is 20x5. There are position numbers at the top of the board.

Some of the holes are not simple through holes.

Four of them are assigned as power holes.

Pins at the left side of the space is connected to +5.0V and GND.

Pins at the right side of the space is connected to +3.3V and GND.

This will be a great help to your circuits.

You just need to connect your external circuit to mbed using this user space.

You can see through holes for external circuit on the side of mbed.

So, It is easy to add your circuits.

But ... You need more external area?

Is your circuit larger than that user space? Good. External PCB can be attached to StarBoard Orange easily.

The size of a supported external PCB is the same as a PCB that we can buy at a store.

We just put on a PCB... like this...

Yeah! It's your mbed board with your external PCB. Just for you!

You know StarBoard Orange is really practical application board.

It's compact, and with much expandability.

Recommended PCB

Recommended PCB is ICB-293 series from sunhayato.

The board size is exactly the same as StarBoard Orange.

And the some models already have patterns for power supply. It's very usefull.

So, you can choose your external PCB from ICB-293 series.

Please check the shape of a PCB before you buy it.


  • StarBoard Orange have great expandability for your external circuits.
  • The recommended PCB series are noted FYI.


Basic information

Application examples

Update history

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2010/08/14 First version.
1.0.1 2010/08/14 Updated information about ICB-293.
1.0.2 2010/08/16 Fixed name of StarBoard Orange.
1.0.3 2010/09/10 Updated english words.
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