Practical library series : LS-Y201 (LinkSprite) - JPEG Color Camera with UART Interface



You can get this camera from SparkFun.


The document is not so good.
There are so many bugs in it.
So please check the camera protocols with my library sources.


Here is the connection of the sample program.

You can change the PinName at the constructor.

mbed LS-Y201
p13(TX) RxD
p14(RX) TxD

Library and the test program

The output


09 Feb 2011 . Edited: 09 Feb 2011


Thanks so much for this! I recently bought that camera from SparkFun and I am trying to get it to work with your sample program. So far I have only been able to get it to work one time...usually I just have a 0k TEST.jpg inside my mbed....I don't know what I am doing wrong. With the new library you wrote in December I can't get the program to compile either.

Is this very reliable? Does it work for you all the time? I am brand new to embed...I have the camera hooked up how you show...just the TV pin is not going anywhere...should I ground that pin or something?
Thanks so much for anyhelp and thanks again for writing this library!!

09 Feb 2011 . Edited: 09 Feb 2011
Hi. :) I just updated the sample program. Thank you for your feedback. I hope to you enjoy the camera with my library. Regards Shin.
10 Feb 2011

Thanks so much!! :-) That one worked great. The camera took picture after picture and put the writing % in the serial problem. I commented out the SDCard stuff, though. I still haven't been able to get my SDCard to work. I'm going to work on that right now. Here is a sample pic:

thanks for all your work!!!

04 Jun 2011


I have got the camera taking pictures, but how can I change the image size? I have been trying to use the setImageSize method but can't seem to get it to compile!

15 May 2013


I bought this camera recently but it's not working the pin connections i think i gave reverse,what shall ido is that camera in good sts...

31 Jan 2015
Hey guys, I have the camera and the sample code. When running the code, where can I view the image at? Thanks, John

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