Arch V1.1

Arch V1.1

Arch V1.1 is an mbed enabled development board with Arduino form factor and Grove connectors for rapid prototyping.

Arch V1.1


Arch V1.1 is based on NXP LPC11U24. With a variety of Shield/Grove hardware modules and lots of libraries for Seeeduino Arch, you can prototype rapidly and easily. To bring a low cost development board, mbed interface is removed, but drag-n-drop programming is still provided. To fully debug Arch, Just use another Arch as a debug adaptor.

There is a monochrome version pinout for you to print. A fritzing part of Arch is also provided. Have fun!


The button of Arch is specially designed to provide two functions:

  • Quick press to reset
  • Long press to enter USB ISP mode, then drag-n-drop to update the firmware of LPC11U24


  • mbed enabled
    • online development tools
    • easy to use C/C++ SDK
    • lots of published libraries, projects
  • Stardard Arduino Appearance, two Grove connectors
    • a large number of grove modules
  • Drag-n-drop programming
  • NXP LPC11U24 MCU
    • Low power ARM Cortex-M0 Core
    • 48MHz, 32KB Flash, 8KB RAM, 4KB EEPROM
    • USB Device, 2xSPI, UART, I2C

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21 Sep 2016

which drivers we need to install to get the console output on mbed..i am geeting 'no microcontroller found' while instaliing..plz help me by providing some links..

thanks in advance.

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