This page is no longer updated or maintained. Please see for more details regarding CMSIS-DAP and the mbed HDK

Updating LPC11u35 based HDK's using MAC / Linux (NXP ROM USB bootloader)

  1. connect device (hold reset and connect to USB)
    • will enumerate as CRP DISABLD)
  2. delete firmware.bin
  3. unmount device (sudo on MAC)
    • using Linux umount /dev/sd* (where * is the location of your device)
    • using MAC OS umount /volumes/CRP DISABLD
  4. copy the file to the disk
    • Using Linux dd if=mbed_if.bin of=/dev/sd* seek=4
    • Using MAC dd if=mbed_if.bin of=/dev/disk* seek=4

Disconnect your device and reconnect. The mbed CMSIS-DAP firmware should be updated.

mbed.htm has a date and time as well as version number in the file. This will assure you the update was successful




1 comment on CMSIS-DAP Notes:

14 Feb 2014

Great mini tutorial!

Thanks Sam. I now have 2 working c027 Ublox devices.

Kind regards, Nicholas.

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