Inherit from Serial and use software buffers for TX and RX. This allows the UART peripherals to operate in a IRQ driven mode. Overrides most (but not all) stdio functions as Serial did

Dependencies:   Buffer

Dependents:   buffered_serial_test BLE_Police_HRM evena_BLE_Police_HRM df-2014-workshop-rfid-case-generator-k64f ... more

Issue: Better example of how using the bufferedSerial

Hi, Kindly would you provide a better example using the bufferedSerial? I don't understand what your example code try to do..It doesn't contain any real RX/TX communication .. Only printf which is not exactly clear.. Would you make an example with Interrupt and clear reading/writing to the serial port. How about getting a file from serial port and putting it in a bigger buffer in your sample program? Thanks.