Microchip 23K256 SRAM with SPI interface

Microchip's 23K256 SRAM is a 3.3V 32k byte SRAM chip with an SPI interface. I've created an mbed library to drive it.

Hopefully this sample should be enough to get you going!


29 Oct 2011

How to connect? he's at 3.3 volts

29 Oct 2011

Connect the 3.3V power output from the mbed to the vcc pin of the SRAM.
That will provide correct power to the SRAM.

The interface signals from the mbed are 3.3V and are
compatible with the signals of the Microchip SRAM.

Just connect the SPI pins CS, SI, SO and SCK between the devices. SI goes to MOSI, SO
goes to MISO. SCK goes together. The CS pin of the SRAM goes to any spare digital IO pin
of the mbed.

Is this the info you needed?

03 Dec 2012 . Edited: 03 Dec 2012


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