CppUTest is a C /C++ based unit xUnit test framework for unit testing and for test-driving your code.


Where to find more information

Getting test reports on the console

You may need to tailor the file src/Platforms/mbed/UtestPlatform.cpp to your needs. In particular, if you want console output, you might want to look at the function PlatformSpecificPutchar().

Quick introduction (some code!)

To write your first test, all you need is a new cpp file with a TEST_GROUP and a TEST, like:

#include "CppUTest/TestHarness.h"


TEST(FirstTestGroup, FirstTest)
   FAIL("Fail me!");

This test will fail.

You can add new tests to the test group by just writing more tests in the file, like this:

TEST(FirstTestGroup, SecondTest)
   STRCMP_EQUAL("hello", "world");
   LONGS_EQUAL(1, 2);

You do need to trigger the tests from somewhere in your program. It could look something like:

#include "CppUTest/TestRegistry.h"
#include "CppUTest/CommandLineTestRunner.h"

int main(int ac, char** av)
    unsigned failureCount = 0;
        ConsoleTestOutput output;
        CommandLineTestRunner runner(ac, av, &output, TestRegistry::getCurrentRegistry());
        failureCount = runner.runAllTestsMain();

    if (failureCount == 0) {

For more information, We’d recommend to read the manual or, even better, check some existing tests such as SimpleStringTest or (a bit more complicated) MemoryLeakDetectorTest or the mocking tests or just check out the Cheat Sheet.

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