A first code example to get you started with the QW (GPS) Shield for SIGFOX development. It provides a serial connection to the modem over usb and transmits a SIGFOX message upon a button press.

Dependencies:   mbed QW_Sensors

HelloWorld QW Development kit

Preloaded code example

The QW development kits ship with this code example. This example allows you to talk straight to the TD1208 modem when using a virtual com port (note: local echo is off). This code-example also sends a SIGFOX message whenever you press a button. The message contains the button number and the measured environment temperature. The first byte is always 0x01.


More information and other example code can be found on the component page by clicking the link below: https://developer.mbed.org/components/QW-SIGFOX-Development-Kit/

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