Build an EtherCAT Slave

Dependencies:   EsmacatShield

Quick Build EtherCAT Slave

Esmacat is an easy yet powerful EtherCAT solution for robot mechatronics developed by Harmonic Bionics. It provides a full EtherCAT hardware and software solution for Master and Slave devices which allows developers to set up and run an EtherCAT application within minutes. It also supports Power-over-EtherCAT (POE) technology which allows high-speed communication and logic-power supply over a single Ethernet cable simplifying the cabling and wiring needs of the system significantly.

EtherCAT Arduino Shield by Esmacat (EASE) is a shield which can be used to build a Slave device. It stacks onto Mbed boards with form factor of Arduino UNO. The Mbed Base board communicates with EASE over SPI. EASE communicates with the Master over EtherCAT. Multiple EASE boards can be connected with Ethernet cables in a daisy-chain topology.

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Information about the hardware needs and setup is provided in the link below.

Information about the structure of the system and it's software is provided in the link below.

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