Nordic stack and drivers for the mbed BLE API

Dependents:   idd_hw5_bleFanProto

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for nRF51822


ant_evt_t ANT stack event type
app_button_cfg_t Button configuration structure
app_fifo_t A FIFO instance structure
app_uart_buffers_t UART buffer for transmitting/receiving data
app_uart_comm_params_t UART communication structure holding configuration settings for the peripheral
app_uart_evt_t Struct containing events from the UART module
ble_advdata_conn_int_t Connection interval range structure
ble_advdata_manuf_data_t Manufacturer specific data structure
ble_advdata_service_data_t Service data structure
ble_advdata_t Advertising data structure
ble_advdata_uuid_list_t UUID list type
ble_ans_alert_notification_t Alert Notification structure
ble_ans_alert_settings_t Alert Notification Setting structure containing the supported alerts in the service
ble_ans_c_evt_t Alert Notification Event structure
ble_ans_c_init_t Alert Notification init structure
ble_ans_c_s Alert Notification structure
ble_ans_control_point_t Alert Notification Control Point structure
ble_bas_c_evt_t Battery Service Client Event structure
ble_bas_c_init_t Battery Service Client initialization structure
ble_bas_c_s Battery Service Client structure
ble_bas_evt_t Battery Service event
ble_bas_init_t Battery Service init structure
ble_bas_s Battery Service structure
ble_bps_evt_t Blood Pressure Service event
ble_bps_init_t Blood Pressure Service init structure
ble_bps_meas_s Blood Pressure Service measurement structure
ble_bps_s Blood Pressure Service structure
ble_common_evt_t Event structure for events not associated with a specific function module
ble_conn_params_evt_t Connection Parameters Module event
ble_conn_params_init_t Connection Parameters Module init structure
ble_cs_ctrlpt_init_t Speed and Cadence Control Point init structure
ble_cscs_evt_t Cycling Speed and Cadence Service event
ble_cscs_init_t Cycling Speed and Cadence Service init structure
ble_cscs_meas_s Cycling Speed and Cadence Service measurement structure
ble_cscs_s Cycling Speed and Cadence Service structure
ble_date_time_t Date and Time structure
ble_db_discovery_char_t Structure for holding the characteristic and the handle of its CCCD found during the discovery process
ble_db_discovery_evt_t Structure containing the event from the DB discovery module to the application
ble_db_discovery_srv_t Structure for holding information about the service and the characteristics found during the discovery process
ble_db_discovery_t Structure for holding the information related to the GATT database at the server
ble_dfu_evt_t DFU Event structure
ble_dfu_init_t DFU service initialization structure
ble_dfu_pkt_write_t DFU Packet structure
ble_dfu_s DFU service structure
ble_dis_init_t Device Information Service init structure
ble_dis_pnp_id_t PnP ID parameters
ble_dis_reg_cert_data_list_t IEEE 11073-20601 Regulatory Certification Data List Structure
ble_dis_sys_id_t System ID parameters
ble_enable_params_t BLE GATTS init options
ble_error_log_data_t Error Log Data structure
ble_evt_hdr_t BLE Event header
ble_evt_t Common BLE Event type, wrapping the module specific event reports
ble_evt_tx_complete_t TX complete event
ble_evt_user_mem_release_t Event structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_RELEASE
ble_evt_user_mem_request_t Event structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_REQUEST
ble_gap_addr_t Bluetooth Low Energy address
ble_gap_adv_params_t GAP advertising parameters
ble_gap_conn_params_t GAP connection parameters
ble_gap_conn_sec_mode_t GAP link requirements
ble_gap_conn_sec_t GAP connection security status
ble_gap_enc_info_t GAP Encryption Information
ble_gap_evt_auth_key_request_t Event data for authentication key request event
ble_gap_evt_auth_status_t Event data for authentication status event
ble_gap_evt_conn_param_update_t Event data for connection parameter update event
ble_gap_evt_conn_sec_update_t Event data for connection security update event
ble_gap_evt_connected_t Event data for connected event
ble_gap_evt_disconnected_t Event data for disconnected event
ble_gap_evt_passkey_display_t Event data for passkey display event
ble_gap_evt_rssi_changed_t Event data for advertisement report event
ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t Event data for security info request event
ble_gap_evt_sec_params_request_t Event data for security parameters request event
ble_gap_evt_t GAP event callback event structure
ble_gap_evt_timeout_t Event data for timeout event
ble_gap_id_info_t GAP Identity Information
ble_gap_irk_t Identity Resolving Key
ble_gap_master_id_t GAP Master Identification
ble_gap_opt_local_conn_latency_t Local connection latency option
ble_gap_opt_passkey_t Passkey Option
ble_gap_opt_privacy_t Custom Privacy Options
ble_gap_opt_t Option structure for GAP options
ble_gap_scan_params_t GAP scanning parameters
ble_gap_sec_keys_t Keys that have been exchanged
ble_gap_sec_levels_t Security levels supported
ble_gap_sec_params_t GAP security parameters
ble_gap_sign_info_t GAP Signing Information
ble_gap_whitelist_t Whitelist structure
ble_gatt_char_ext_props_t GATT Characteristic Extended Properties
ble_gatt_char_props_t GATT Characteristic Properties
ble_gattc_char_t GATT characteristic
ble_gattc_desc_t GATT descriptor
ble_gattc_evt_char_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_char_val_by_uuid_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VAL_BY_UUID_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_char_vals_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VALS_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_desc_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_DESC_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_hvx_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_HVX
ble_gattc_evt_prim_srvc_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_PRIM_SRVC_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_rel_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_REL_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_t GATTC event type
ble_gattc_evt_timeout_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_TIMEOUT
ble_gattc_evt_write_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_WRITE_RSP
ble_gattc_handle_range_t Operation Handle Range
ble_gattc_handle_value_t GATT read by UUID handle value pair
ble_gattc_include_t GATT include
ble_gattc_service_t GATT service
ble_gattc_write_params_t Write Parameters
ble_gatts_attr_context_t GATT Attribute Context
ble_gatts_attr_md_t Attribute metadata
ble_gatts_attr_t GATT Attribute
ble_gatts_char_handles_t GATT Characteristic Definition Handles
ble_gatts_char_md_t GATT Characteristic metadata
ble_gatts_char_pf_t GATT Characteristic Presentation Format
ble_gatts_enable_params_t BLE GATTS init options
ble_gatts_evt_hvc_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_HVC
ble_gatts_evt_read_t Event structure for authorize read request
ble_gatts_evt_rw_authorize_request_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_RW_AUTHORIZE_REQUEST
ble_gatts_evt_sys_attr_missing_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_SYS_ATTR_MISSING
ble_gatts_evt_t GATT Server event callback event structure
ble_gatts_evt_timeout_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_TIMEOUT
ble_gatts_evt_write_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_WRITE
ble_gatts_hvx_params_t GATT HVx parameters
ble_gatts_read_authorize_params_t GATT Read Authorization parameters
ble_gatts_rw_authorize_reply_params_t GATT Read or Write Authorize Reply parameters
ble_gatts_write_authorize_params_t GATT Write Authorisation parameters
ble_gls_evt_t Glucose Service event
ble_gls_init_t Glucose Service init structure
ble_gls_meas_context_t Glucose measurement context structure
ble_gls_meas_t Glucose Measurement structure
ble_gls_rec_t Glucose measurement record
ble_gls_s Glucose Service structure
ble_hids_char_id_t HID Service characteristic id
ble_hids_evt_t HID Service event
ble_hids_feature_rep_init_t HID Service Feature Report characteristic init structure
ble_hids_hid_information_t HID Information characteristic value
ble_hids_init_t HID Service init structure
ble_hids_inp_rep_init_t HID Service Input Report characteristic init structure
ble_hids_outp_rep_init_t HID Service Output Report characteristic init structure
ble_hids_rep_char_t HID Report characteristic structure
ble_hids_rep_map_init_t HID Service Report Map characteristic init structure
ble_hids_s HID Service structure
ble_hrm_t Structure containing the heart rate measurement received from the peer
ble_hrs_c_evt_t Heart Rate Event structure
ble_hrs_c_init_t Heart Rate Client initialization structure
ble_hrs_c_s Heart Rate Client structure
ble_hrs_evt_t Heart Rate Service event
ble_hrs_init_t Heart Rate Service init structure
ble_hrs_s Heart Rate Service structure
ble_hts_evt_t Health Thermometer Service event
ble_hts_init_t Health Thermometer Service init structure
ble_hts_meas_s Health Thermometer Service measurement structure
ble_hts_s Health Thermometer Service structure
ble_ias_c_evt_t Immediate Alert Service client event
ble_ias_c_init_t IAS Client init structure
ble_ias_c_s IAS Client structure
ble_ias_evt_t Immediate Alert Service event
ble_ias_init_t Immediate Alert Service init structure
ble_ias_s Immediate Alert Service structure
ble_l2cap_evt_rx_t L2CAP Received packet event report
ble_l2cap_evt_t L2CAP event callback event structure
ble_l2cap_header_t Packet header format for L2CAP transmission
ble_lls_evt_t Link Loss Service event
ble_lls_init_t Link Loss Service init structure
ble_lls_s Link Loss Service structure
ble_opt_t Common BLE Option type, wrapping the module specific options
ble_pkt_rcpt_notif_req_t Packet receipt notification request structure
ble_racp_value_t Record Access Control Point value structure
ble_rscs_evt_t Running Speed and Cadence Service event
ble_rscs_init_t Running Speed and Cadence Service init structure
ble_rscs_meas_s Running Speed and Cadence Service measurement structure
ble_rscs_s Running Speed and Cadence Service structure
ble_sc_ctrlpt_evt_t Speed and Cadence Control point event
ble_sc_ctrlpt_resp_t Speed and Cadence Control Point response indication structure
ble_sc_ctrlpt_s Speed and Cadence Control Point structure
ble_sensorsim_cfg_t Triangular waveform sensor simulator configuration
ble_sensorsim_state_t Triangular waveform sensor simulator state
ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t Security settings structure
ble_srv_report_ref_t Value of a Report Reference descriptor
ble_srv_security_mode_t Security settings structure
ble_srv_utf8_str_t UTF-8 string data type
ble_tps_init_t TX Power Service init structure
ble_tps_t TX Power Service structure
ble_user_mem_block_t User Memory Block
ble_uuid128_t 128 bit UUID values
ble_uuid_t Bluetooth Low Energy UUID type, encapsulates both 16-bit and 128-bit UUIDs
ble_version_t Version Information
bootloader_settings_t Structure holding bootloader settings for application and bank data
device_handle Device Handle used for unique identification of each peer
dm_application_param_t Application Registration Parameters
dm_context_t Definition of Data Context
dm_event_param_t Event parameters
dm_event_t Asynchronous events details notified to the application by the module
dm_init_param_t Initialization Parameters
dm_service_context_t Service Context
hci_slip_evt_t Structure containing an event from the SLIP layer
hci_transport_evt_t Struct containing events from the Transport layer
ieee_float16_t SFLOAT format (IEEE-11073 16-bit FLOAT, defined as a 16-bit vlue with 12-bit mantissa and 4-bit exponent
ieee_float32_t FLOAT format (IEEE-11073 32-bit FLOAT, defined as a 32-bit value with a 24-bit mantissa and an 8-bit exponent
nrf_ecb_hal_data_t AES ECB data structure
nrf_radio_request_earliest_t Parameters for a request for a timeslot as early as possible
nrf_radio_request_normal_t Parameters for a normal radio request
nrf_radio_request_t Radio request parameters
nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t Return parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback
pin_transition_t Pin transition direction struct
sd_mbr_command_compare_t This command works like memcmp, but takes the length in words
sd_mbr_command_copy_bl_t This command copies a new BootLoader
sd_mbr_command_copy_sd_t This command copies part of a new SoftDevice The destination area is erased before copying
sd_mbr_command_vector_table_base_set_t Sets the base address of the interrupt vector table for interrupts forwarded from the MBR
sfloat_t SFLOAT format (IEEE-11073 16-bit FLOAT, meaning 4 bits for exponent (base 10) and 12 bits mantissa)
uint8_array_t Byte array type


ansi_escape.h [code] TBD
ant_stack_handler_types.h [code]
app_button.h [code]
app_error.h [code]
app_fifo.h [code]
app_gpiote.c [code]
app_gpiote.h [code]
app_scheduler.c [code]
app_scheduler.h [code]
app_timer.h [code]
app_trace.h [code]
app_uart.h [code]
app_util.h [code]
app_util_platform.h [code]
assertion.h [code] TBD
binary.h [code]
ble.h [code]
ble_advdata.cpp [code]
ble_advdata.h [code]
ble_advdata_parser.cpp [code]
ble_advdata_parser.h [code]
ble_ans_c.h [code]
ble_bas.h [code]
ble_bas_c.h [code]
ble_bondmngr.cpp [code]
ble_bondmngr_cfg.h [code]
ble_bps.h [code]
ble_central_bondmngr.h [code]
ble_conn_params.cpp [code]
ble_conn_params.h [code]
ble_cscs.h [code]
ble_date_time.h [code] Contains definition of ble_date_time structure
ble_db_discovery.h [code]
ble_debug_assert_handler.cpp [code]
ble_debug_assert_handler.h [code]
ble_dfu.h [code]
ble_dis.h [code]
ble_dtm.h [code]
ble_err.h [code]
ble_error.h [code] Error Header
ble_error_log.cpp [code]
ble_error_log.h [code]
ble_flash.h [code]
ble_gap.h [code]
ble_gatt.h [code]
ble_gattc.h [code]
ble_gatts.h [code]
ble_gls.h [code]
ble_gls_db.h [code]
ble_hci.h [code]
ble_hids.h [code]
ble_hrs.h [code]
ble_hrs_c.h [code]
ble_hts.h [code]
ble_ias.h [code]
ble_ias_c.h [code]
ble_l2cap.h [code]
ble_lls.h [code]
ble_racp.h [code]
ble_radio_notification.h [code]
ble_ranges.h [code]
ble_rscs.h [code]
ble_sc_ctrlpt.h [code]
ble_sensor_location.h [code]
ble_sensorsim.h [code]
ble_srv_common.cpp [code]
ble_srv_common.h [code]
ble_stack_handler_types.h [code]
ble_tps.h [code]
ble_types.h [code]
bootloader_types.h [code]
bootloader_util.h [code]
bootloader_util_arm.c [code]
btle.cpp [code]
btle.h [code]
btle_advertising.cpp [code]
btle_advertising.h [code]
btle_gap.cpp [code]
btle_gap.h [code]
common.h [code]
compiler.h [code] GCC Header
crc16.cpp [code]
crc16.h [code]
custom_helper.cpp [code]
custom_helper.h [code]
device_manager.h [code]
dfu_app_handler.c [code]
dfu_app_handler.h [code]
hal_transport.h [code]
hci_mem_pool.c [code]
hci_mem_pool.h [code]
hci_mem_pool_internal.h [code]
hci_slip.h [code]
hci_transport.h [code]
nordic_common.h [code] Common defines and macros for firmware developed by Nordic Semiconductor
nordic_global.h [code]
nRF51822n.cpp [code]
nRF51822n.h [code]
nRF51Gap.cpp [code]
nRF51Gap.h [code]
nRF51GattServer.cpp [code]
nRF51GattServer.h [code]
nrf_assert.h [code] Utilities for verifying program logic
nrf_delay.h [code]
nrf_ecb.h [code] ECB driver API
nrf_error.h [code]
nrf_error_sdm.h [code]
nrf_error_soc.h [code]
nrf_gpio.h [code]
nrf_mbr.h [code]
nrf_nvmc.h [code] NMVC driver API
nrf_sdm.h [code]
nrf_soc.h [code]
nrf_svc.h [code]
nrf_temp.h [code]
projectconfig.h [code]
pstorage.cpp [code]
pstorage.h [code]
pstorage_platform.h [code]
softdevice_assert.h [code]
softdevice_handler.cpp [code]
softdevice_handler.h [code]
system_nrf51.h [code]