Example of using the mDot UDK with the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 shield

Dependencies:   mDot_X_NUCLEO_IKS01A1 libmDot-dev-mbed5-deprecated



Hardware List


  • Install the mDot on the developer board.
  • Install the IKS01A1 on the developer board.
  • If using a MTUDK-ST-CELL (white board) plug in the AC power adapter
  • Connect the microusb power to your development PC
    • if using a MTUDK-ST-CELL there are 2 microusb ports. Use the one closest to the serial port.

Your developer board should look like the following:



This example program uses LoRa utility functions from Dot-Examples and the IKS01A1 library from ST Micro.

LoRa Configuration


By default this program is configured to connect to the Senet network. To connect to Senet you will need to register your mDot's Node ID with the Senet developer portal and change the network_key array in main.cpp.


To connect to a different LoRa gateway change the arrays network_id and network_key. If you are using passphrases, edit the strings network_name and network_key, uncomment the function "update_ota_config_name_phrase" and comment out the function "update_ota_config_id_key".

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