Lisp Interpreter for mbed LPC1768

Dependencies:   mbed


LISP INTERPRETER written by Marc Adler 138 - 23 Hoover Ave. Jamaica, NY 11435

The LISP interpreter was something that I had written in Pascal in 1980, and was translated (quickly) into C this year. There are many features that have been left out, the most important being garbage collection, but the interpreter supports a decent subset of LISP. All of the basic LISP features are in it, including funargs, progs, and boolean operators. A test program is included in this package, so you can see that the interpreter actually works. To invoke it, just type "lisp < lisptest".

There is a file called "lisplib" which contains some library functions. When the interpreter starts up, it loads the library in. The library just consists of LISP functions, so you may feel free to add to or subtract from it.

The source code is included, so you can modify the code to work better, add new features, fix bugs, etc. I only request that if you perform any changes to the code, that you inform me of them so I can fix my code as well. If you need to ask any questions, or know why I did something in the code, you can write to me at the above address. I haven't looked at the code in a while, but I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

There is no documentation included, as I am assuming that anyone who uses this is familiar with LISP. There are many good books for those who want to learn. To find out what functions and operators the interpreter supports, I direct you to the code.

My thanks to the Railroad BBS of Long Island, my initiator into the rites of the world of BBS's. Marc Adler 8/85

Atari ST port by Matthias Jaap

I've no clue how to use this one but it seems to work ! :-)

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