MiMic RemoteMCU for mbed. This program provides MCU control API over REST API. It can control MCU from Javascript,PHP or any HTTP rest client directly. And, The application has self development environment.

Dependencies:   libMiMic mbed-rtos mbed NySDFileSystem


This is MiMic project product.

Recently modern browser is very useful. If we write small HTML code, we can draw graphics, play music. And more, we can use a lot of libraries. For example, physics engine and WebGL and .

However, the browser is clumsy for things of outside computer. For example, it can not control switching of LED and read sensor value easily.

If you can control the device outside of the computer like writing a Web page HTML, it is very convenient.

MiMicRemoteMCU enables to control directly mbed(LPC1768/LPC4088/LPCXpresso1769) by browser application .


This is the features of MiMicRemoteMCU to experience for the user.

MiMicRemoteMCU has builtin web content in on-chip memory and some WebAPI. Browser can access contents through internal web server. The web server can handle 4 connections in parallel. Average transport speed is 1.6Mbps.


Browser(User interface) centralized system

From the perspective of the web browser, MiMicRemoteMCU is a standard web server. There is a Web browser is the center of the system.

By designing the browser center system, you can easily implement cooperation with multi-media system or external Web services. And, You can take advantage of all online resources that you can access from the browser. It was difficult in the standalone microcomputer legacy applications design.


Getting started

See more information here(Japanese).

This is old documentation(English).



Import programmbedJS

This is a Json-RPC/2.0 server with websocket and httpd. You can control mbed(s) by Javascript, processing, Java. LPCXpresso1769/LPC1768/FRDM-K64F/LPC4088

このアプリケーションはMiMic project を使った製品です。