Hello world code for PCA9632 library. This demonstrates device class call and "LedPwmOut class API".

Dependencies:   PCA9632 mbed

Please refer to the component page for details

The PCA9632 is an I²C-bus controlled 4-bit LED driver optimized for Red/Green/Blue/Amber (RGBA) color mixing applications.

High-level API is available

A high-level API that can be used as the "PwmOut" of bed-SDK is available.
This API enables to make instances of each LED output pins and control PWM duty cycle by assignment.
For detail information, refer API document of LedPwmOut Class class which is included in PCA962xA class library.

#include "mbed.h"
#include "PCA9632.h"

PCA9632     led_cntlr( p28, p27, 0xC4 );  //  SDA, SCL, Slave_address(option)
LedPwmOut   led( led_cntlr, L0 );

int main()
    while( 1 ) {
        for( float p = 0.0f; p < 1.0f; p += 0.1f ) {
            led     = p;
            wait( 0.1 );
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