Mbed I/O Server For Soft PLCs


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08 May 2011

Guide To use the Mbed I/O Server /media/uploads/mmohamed15/mbed_io_server_gudie.pdf

Mbed I/O Server Software Code written on Borland C++ Builder Version 6 /media/uploads/mmohamed15/pc_driver_software_source_code.zip

08 May 2011

really nice work..

07 Mar 2013


Your this work seems to be very interesting.

I am really interested to implement your server.

So Is it that the MBED board will be connected to PC via USB? or Is it via Ethernet? Can you please post a schematic ?

In your video it is not clear to me, which software you used to create the ladder logic.

Can we build the MMI using Wonderware Intouch to create screens to communcate to mbed?

Plese reply, as this looks very interesting work.

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