An I/O controller for virtual pinball machines: accelerometer nudge sensing, analog plunger input, button input encoding, LedWiz compatible output controls, and more.

Dependencies:   mbed FastIO FastPWM USBDevice

Fork of Pinscape_Controller by Mike R

Issue: Add fuses to output power boards

This feature request could be implemented with V2 by simply replacing the existing output boards. Adding fuses avoids the user from needing to create their board just for fuses or creating some other wiring mess with inline fuses.

I already have a POC board that demonstrates on-board fuses (and LEDs). It supports only 16 outputs but that is fine. It allows a second board to be added which might have a different output voltage i.e. you could have 16 outputs of 12V and 16 outputs of 24V which cannot be done today.

You could imagine output boards with 595s for simple on/off devices and power boards with TLC5940s for power LEDs like flashers and beacons.

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23 Nov 2019

This would definitely be a nice upgrade. With the 10x10 cm form factor, it would take the capacity of each board down to 16 outputs at most, but since the cost is all in the components, two 16-output boards would cost about the same as one 32-output board. They'd occupy twice as much space, but you'd probably still come out ahead if you wanted to use fuses at all, since you wouldn't need a separate fuse board.