An I/O controller for virtual pinball machines: accelerometer nudge sensing, analog plunger input, button input encoding, LedWiz compatible output controls, and more.

Dependencies:   mbed FastIO FastPWM USBDevice

Fork of Pinscape_Controller by Mike R

Issue: Don't special case ULN2064 outputs

This is a Pinscape V3 feature request.

The medium power outputs on the main board can be considered too much of a special case and are in fact better supported by a separate output board either using FETs or ULN2064s. That leaves more room on the main board for new function I/O like addressable LEDs (which seem to be replacing flashers in any case). The advantage of a 5V or 12V FET board with fuses is that a higher current than 1.5A can be supported for flashers, beacons, and LED strips (not addressable).

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15 Jan 2019

The ULN2064s are used on the main board because they fit: that is, it was possible to fit 16 ports with enough power for flashers using these chips. It's not possible (as far as I can see) to fit 16 MOSFETs into the same space. If there were in fact some alternative function that would be more desirable in the available space, that might be worth considering instead, but I kind of doubt addressable LEDs would be it, at least with a KL25Z, as they require quite a lot of bandwidth.