An I/O controller for virtual pinball machines: accelerometer nudge sensing, analog plunger input, button input encoding, LedWiz compatible output controls, and more.

Dependencies:   mbed FastIO FastPWM USBDevice

Fork of Pinscape_Controller by Mike R

Issue: Button problems when in night mode

Hi, have been troubleshooting buttons in Pinball X for hours. It is very difficult to choose next / previous game, it jumps 2-3..10 games in milliseconds. Today I dicovered it is only when night mode switch is turned on. Night mode switch is a type on / off switch.

I'm using the latest firmware build on a single kl25z. There is DOF V3 installed to. DOF works and activates relays, when night mode is off as it should.

Any idea... Greetings from Denmark.

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21 Dec 2020

I haven't run into anything like that. It sounds like some kind of auto-repeat issue. Do you see anything similar outside of PinballX? Maybe give it a try in PinballY and see if the same thing happens there.