test code for bridging between USB virtual serial and UART3(PTC17, PTC16).

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial mbed


Update This issue has been fixed on GitHub. https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed/commit/1519466bc8536b5445e01175b16d1cd1967782a9

Serial Bridge between USB and UART3(PTC17, PTC16)

Why I share such a simple project?

There's an issue in serial format function of FRDM64K mbed library. Setting stop bit to 1 ends up stop bit 2 in serial controller register. See line 13 in main.cpp

uart3.format(8, Serial::None, 1>>1);

To set stop bit as 1, third parameter should be 0.

Hope this issue will be fixed future release.

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